Live on Aux Send

by Jon Felton and his Soulmobile

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Jon, Gabe, Amy, Josh, and Jake met with Doug at Aux Send to record some songs and talk about the mysteries of the universe.

We always enjoy our visits to Winchester, and we were happy to be recommended to the show by our friends in Gallows Bound. It's a great town to walk around in, to get Jamaican food (Tropical Island Cafe), and--and as some of our members would remind me--to play disc golf.

Thanks very much to Doug for welcoming us to the Red Room, taking time with us, and asking thoughtful questions.


released February 25, 2013

songs by the soulmobile
recordings by doug sanford




Jon Felton and his Soulmobile Frostburg, Maryland

This is a story they can't touch.

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Track Name: 01 Intro to Eschaton - aux send
We come from a long line of wanderers.
Clap your hands, ring them bells, tale is told and time will tell.
Raise your voice, make a sound, bring the kingdom to the ground.
We came here with strange beliefs,
sent from a future peace,
to rebuild the ancient roads.
We are the next souls.
Track Name: 02 Everlasting Light - aux send
I was looking for that everlasting light.
I was searching every corner every morning, every night
For a stream to dip my face in, a place to get saved in
I was looking for that choir all god's creatures have a place in


I heard the voice of the lord in the forest just before it
got destroyed, I was floored, overjoyed, wanted more
I could sing in the choir
if the choir boys sang with a rhythm like that.
get back.
get back to where you once belonged.

you can ditch the rest, but believe that this is true:
I always believed in you.


We were slaves to the war, we were always keeping score,
We were doomed to walk the night, afraid we'd wake and find we're crying for
someone to say, "believe me, i love you, you need me,
when you hurt yourself it grieves me, now change."

you can ditch the rest, but believe that this is true: i always believe
Track Name: 04 Be Clear - aux send
i've been down to the depot and i balanced on the rails
touched the coal to my lips and left notes wrote on the shale
and who do you suppose would be the last ones to know
oh the baker, the buried, and me

so early you warned me you loved me and i got
so much learning so quickly and so quickly i forgot
but it's not too late, i hear the calling of the corn
saying join what you learned here to the song of the lord

oh be clear, be clear, see the light in my tears,
i been waiting and waiting for your face to appear
don't you rustle through the treetops, don't you whistle round my ears,
call me down into the humus, to the soil i hold dear

trouble, oh trouble, you were born with your hand on my heal
lover, oh lover, do you really feel what i feel?